Folder Monitor

It's the best solve I've seen!
Overview and usage:
This program allows you to monitor changes occured in selected folders(directories): it informs you about creating, renaming or deleting files and folders.
To start monitor a folder in the folder list just check the appropriate box.
To stop monitor a folder -- uncheck the box.
All information about the changes is shown in message box, you can save it in a text file.
If you exit the program or clear the message box all messages are lost.
To get help about button actions just move the mouse pointer on a button and read rising hint.
When the program minimized it shows (move the mouse pointer on a program tray icon) how many new messages arrived since you minimized the program.
The utility works on Windows NT 4 and higher (it doesnot work on Windows 9x). It's freeware for any use.

I use it to be informed about new files in common shares of our big home network.

I am planning to improve the program (run it as a service, notify by mail and so on).
Get it:
Download Folder Monitor, version 1.0 (.zip 403KB)

Run it:
Unpack the archive to any place and run FolderMonitor.exe.
Enjoy it! :)

All suggestions are welcome by e-mail toNrmOatTfreemailSdotPruAM
It is possible to add program's functionality for your needs.

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P.S. русский интерфейс тоже возможно сделать.